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  Choosing a game, sticking to it, learning it

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 Choosing a game, sticking to it, learning it Empty
PostSubject: Choosing a game, sticking to it, learning it    Choosing a game, sticking to it, learning it EmptyMon Nov 21, 2011 11:14 pm


I was just wondering how everyone choose the game they wanted to 'specialize' in? I sort of float around from game to game never staying playing a particular level or variant long enough to reach a true representation of my roi and therefor am not sure if im actually a winning player.

I get bored fast, thats why I believe I find it hard to stick to one game. I have played MTTt's mainly, making aorund $8k but thats with 3 luckbox wins. Tournies are def where I feel comfy but should I be considering learning cash for the more consistant win rate?
Also I have spent many hours on this forum sapping it for advice but almost feel that I have taken so much in im finding it hard to implement the advice into my game. I know that my games is no where near where it should be after the amount of hands I have played, or maybe it is, tbh im not sure as I have never played a particular game long enough to find out.

So i was wondering what a good STT/SNGMTT would be good to hit with a $100 br or would you advise cash? If cash im assuming nl2?

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Choosing a game, sticking to it, learning it
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